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Location: Covenant Fellowship 606 FM 1791 North Huntsville, TX 77320

Tuesday’s @ 6:30 pm

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May 22, 2022 – Morning Worship Service

Questions about God and Life.

What questions in your life do you have regarding God and life? Do these questions bring about a sense of shame, rejection, hopelessness, or anxiety? Or do the questions bring about a sense of purpose, acceptance, happiness, and peace? Join Pastor David Valentine as he leads us from the Bible in how to find the answers to the questions that you have about God and Life. Today’s sermon answers the question, “Do you understand what God is doing?”

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Starting Point Membership Class

Starting Point class is an orientation led by one of the pastors where people can explore faith and learn more about Covenant Fellowship. Anyone wishing to join the church can call the office at 936-435-0993.  One of the pastors will schedule a one-on-one time for you.

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